Monday, March 7, 2011

Concerning Green Hats

This is my green hat:

Now you may be thinking, "That hat isn't really green. It is more of a blue/green."

No. Its not. It is green in all the ways that count, as you will soon see.

You may also be thinking,"That hat is nothing special. Why is Jeremy showing us a picture of his dumb hat?"

Well, I'll tell you.

I am from Florida. It is not cold in Florida, in case all the post cards of beaches and swimming pools didn't tip you off. So naturally, I didn't have a large supply of cold weather clothes when I moved to Qingdao. This become slightly problematic when winter came and it was fiendishly cold. And windy.

The beanie that I packed wasn't quite cutting it, so I went out and bought this nice warm, fuzzy, green hat. I was quite proud. I touted my green hat around the city, triumphing in my resiliently warm little ears.

Fast forward a month later and I am having a conversation with Flight about what colors mean in China. Red means wealth, vibrancy, and success. White symbolizes purity, but is also used for mourning. Green can mean life and growth. Ok cool.

Me: "So thats why people in China wear red a lot."

Flight: "Yeah"

Me: "Is it ok to wear white if you are not mourning?"

Flight: "Ya, it is ok. Just maybe not all white."

Me: "What about green? Is it popular for clothes?"

Flight: "Uhhh, somewhat. Wearing green is ok."

Me: "Does it mean anything specific? To wear green?"

Flight: "Not really. No meaning. Well, except men wearing green hats."

Me: "What does that mean?"

Flight: "It means the man is sad because there is trouble at home."

Me: "Like his kids are misbehaving?"

Flight: "No.... It means he has problems with his wife. Like maybe the wife is with another man..."

Me: "So it means he is troubled because his wife is sleeping with someone else!"

Flight: "Ya."

I run to my room and get my hat.

Me: "Flight, what color is this hat?!"

Flight (laughing): "Green!"

~J.L. Smith

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  1. i like that you've posted the green hat story
    i like the (fairly new) header
    and i like that the girl in the header is trying to take a photo of you with her cellphone

    osim (awesome)