Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tell Me Tuesday #2: Black Sludge Balls, Spicy Scribble Rice, and Instant Saucy Meat

Alright! Having just returned from taking photos at the grocery store, it is now time to reveal the options for this week's Tell Me Tuesday!!

This week, I will be stepping out a little further into the unknown. Last week you helped me choose a new flavor of an old favorite: jiaoze. This week, each of the dishes below are things that I haven't tried at all yet. Since I was a little crunched for time, we will be doing frozen food yet again this week (I mean, c'mon what do you expect? I am a single guy living in a foreign land... this is what I eat), but I promise next week we will move to some new frontiers.

Choice #1

Though this picture may it look like this package is full of eggs, in fact I think that they are some form of rice ball. The real question? What is on the inside?

Though this picture a Chinese person, it does absolutely nothing to tell me what these balls are filled with. To me it looks like black grass.

I believe this close up is showing that I can expect the black grass to be more like a black sludge that will ooze out when I eat these.
Therefore, the name of this choice shall be: "Black Sludge Balls"

Choice #2
Now, our second choice is festive looking yellow package with big scribble marks.

As you can see, this is a rice based dish with maybe peppers and chicken in there for good measure. I suspect the writing to the side to actually be Korean, since usually circles and round shapes indicate Korean writing.

The blurry writing says "Kimchi Fried Rice" which confirms my Korean suspicions (not about Koreans in general, just about the writing). Kimchi is pretty much the most popular Korean dish ever, and kinda spicy I believe.

Now I could just call this "Kimchi Fried Rice" but where is the fun in that? So we will call it "Spicy Scribble Rice" instead.

Choice #3
Our final entry for this week's tell me Tuesday comes in a strikingly teal package that almost looks like my graduation gown from high school. Yes, my gown really was that color. I'm sure my mom has a picture to prove it.

The close up reveals that inside this Atlantic High School themed plastic is.... thats right, you guessed it... Mystery Meat! Could be pork spare ribs, could be beef something or other, who knows?! Regardless, it seems to come with rice and a heavy glaze of sauce.

What could make this wonderful saucy meat concoction even better you ask? Why, making it microwavable of course!
So lets call this "Instant Saucy Meat".

I took the photos. I wrote the blog entry. Now its your turn. Decide for me dear readers. Shall I eat some "Black Sludge Balls"? How bout "Spicy Scribble Rice"? Should I get the nuke-able "Instant Saucy Meat"?

Its up to you!

~J.L. Smith


  1. These choices make me happy. Except I'm pretty sure what #1 is but I won't spoil the surprise. Next week I think it should be about you DOING something. I'll have to mull it over.

  2. You had me at "Black Sludge Balls" :-)

  3. Jen: I was kind of thinking along the same lines. The only issue is thing we call TIME. Most of my saturday is soaked up with Panto practice, so I just don't have a whole lot of time to trek out to Qingdao hot spots. We'll see though.

    Andy: I thought I might. :D

  4. Lame excuse. What about Sunday? You could use the taxi book for ideas.