Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tell Me Tuesday #1

Ok, time to get the ball rolling on you guys telling me what to do.

This first week is going to be very simple. Remember the whole point of this is for you all to help me with my everyday decisions. And what is my most common everyday decision? Why, what to have for dinner of course! Now I have a pretty good routine down for where/what I eat for dinner, and one standard choice here is Jiaoze.

Most of you have never heard of jiaoze. Unless you already read this post. But in China they are common as dirt. Luckily, they don't taste like dirt though: they are a traditional Chinese dumpling that is actually quite delicious. The problem I have is that there are SO many different kinds of jiaoze to try! I have already discovered that I like the pork and cabbage filled jiaoze, so that is pretty much all I buy. Well, its time to change that!

So, check out the three kinds of frozen jiaoze below and tell me which one to eat!

Jiaoze # 1
Jiaoze numero uno, is made by what I will call "The Red Package with the Happy Lady" company.

As you can see, it supposedly contains shrimp, egg?, and some other meat.

This is what the inside of the Jiaoze will look like. Theres enough meat packed in there to kind of give it the look of chopped up fish guts. Hopefully it doesn't tast like chopped up fish guts.

Jiaoze #2
This Jiaoze is made by the "Yellow Package with Significantly Smaller Happy Lady" company (her face is smiling right at the very top center).

It apparently has corn and... meat. Could be pork. We'll go with that. So pork and corn! It is like a barbecue in a dumpling! They should put that on the packaging, I think.

Here is the essential inside look at the Jiaoze.

Mmmmmm, corn.

Jiaoze # 3
Last but not least we have Jiaoze number 3.

I am just going to call this the "Non-Descript Jiaoze" option. There is a noticeable lack of happy lady, that might not bode well.

I honestly have no idea what is in this Jiaoze. Apparently this bowl full of mushrooms(?) and... stuff represents what is inside the jiaoze. There is no inside shot, so I guess we just have to trust that it is actually full of food and not just air.

Those are the options! Use the poll to the side and Tell Me What to Eat!

~J.L. Smith

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  1. First, I think this is a great idea to involve us in your experience in China.

    Second, my theory for #2 is that some clever Chinese chef decided to combine corn and beef for a "cornbeef jiaoze"

    Third, I picked #3 for you because it's the most intriguing to me (I guess I don't trust happy ladies) and I'm hoping it's made with mutton, which according to Wikipedia is a common filling.