Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tell Me Tuesday: And the winner is....

Well the poll is finally closed, after a week of intense voting. In the quest to determine which Jiaoze I should eat this week, "Non-Descript Jiaoze" pulled out to an early lead. It looked like "NDJ" might just completely crush the other Happy Lady competitors, but then "Red Package with a Happy Lady" made a late surge to pull neck and neck with "NDJ". But, alas, it seems too many voters were drawn to the magic mystery of completely non-descript jiaoze and "NDJ" won with a grand total of 6 votes. One must assume that the happy ladies are using their smiles to hide their sorrow and shame at not being picked. Its ok happy ladies, I'm sure someone will eat you.

Since 11 people voted, that means more than half you want me to eat "Non-Descript Jiaoze"!

Having now heard, "The Will of the Readers" I will be sure to eat "NDJ" this week, take pictures, and report back here next Tuesday. In the mean time, you will be able to vote for the next Tell Me Tuesday as soon as I get it posted-- which should be quite soon!

~J.L. Smith

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