Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tell Me Tuesdays!

Are you excited? Are you on the edge of your seat? Are you bristling with so much anticipation that you can hardly contain it?

You should be!

I would like to introduce, dear blog readers, a new weekly event to be held right here on my blog: Tell Me Tuesday!

The idea is pretty simple. There are lots of things to do/eat/explore here in China, but moving to a foreign country has revealed to me that I am somewhat of a home body. I like routine. I like knowing exactly what I am getting and exactly where I am going. Oh sure, I am adventurous enough to eat duck head, scorpion, and Cho-dofu (smelly tofu) when the opportunity arises, but as far as branching out from my routine in the day to day...not so much. I need someone to tell me which flavor of noodle to try next, which snack to try from the corner store, which of the myriad of restaurants to dine in, which sight in Qingdao I should visit.

So that is where you come in! Every week I will use all you wise and thoughtful and ever so smart readers to tell me what to do via a poll, and every Tuesday I will close the voting and find out what "The Will Of The Readers" is. I will then have a week to go out and perform "The Will Of The Readers" and report back every Tuesday. I get some virtual decision making, you all get to see the everyday of a foreign land (plus you get to, you know, tell me what to do) and we all win! :D

So what do you say? Ready to tell me what to do?

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